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US House passes cannabis decriminalization legislation

The MORE Act Info
Alaska attorney general calls on Congress to pass marijuana-friendly  banking legislation | The Midnight Sun
The MORE Act passes in the US House of Representatives

So yeah that happened! And part of the bill includes retroactively expunging criminal records of those convicted of cannabis prohibition violations. It remains to be seen if the bill will make it to the Senate for a vote. It was a bipartisan 228-164 vote to approve the measure, and it was the first time either chamber of Congress ever endorsed the legalization of weed. So much damage has been done to people who simply ran a cannabis dispensary near me and ended up with legal issues that followed them for the rest of their lives. These laws, relics of a drug war of decades ago disproportionately affect minorities and its way past time we change these not so dope laws. There’s no better place to start than making it doap for people to use their browsers to find marajuana dispensaries nearby without fear of federal prosecution. It would truly be dope if this law made it through the Senate and got signed into law.

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2020 cannabis legislation election results

Cannabis Legislation Results 2020
2020 Cannabis Legalization: What's On the Ballot? | Ganjapreneur

Nov. 3 cannabis voting results

  • Arizona: Adult Use PASSES
  • New Jersey: Adult Use PASSES
  • Mississippi: Real Medical Use PASSES
  • Mississippi: Fake Medical Use PASSES
  • Montana: Adult Use PASSES
  • Montana: Adult Use PASSES
  • Oregon: Measure 109 (psilocybin) PASSES
  • Oregon: Measure 110 (drug decrim) PASSES
  • South Dakota: Medical Use PASSES
  • South Dakota: Adult Use PASSES

Montana adult-use wins

Montana’s twin-measure victory also wraps up a clean sweep for statewide legalization measures across the country.

South Dakota legalized medical and adult-use marijuana

Constitutional Amendment A legalizes the adult use of cannabis passed.

Oregon decriminalizes all drugs and legalizes medical psilocybin

Oregon’s two legalization measures, 109 and 110 have passed.

Measure 109 (legalizing the medical use of psilocybin) won with 56% of the vote.

Meanwhile, Measure 110 (decriminalizing all drugs) won with 59% among Oregon voters.

Arizona’s Prop. 207, legalizing the adult use of marijuana passed.

Arizona the 13th state to legalize the adult use of cannabis.

Mississippi legalizes medical marijuana

Its a huge victory for the legalization movement, the culturally and politically conservative state of Mississippi has legalized the medical use of cannabis.

“Garden State voters spoke resoundingly,” commented NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri. “They are demanding their lawmakers end the failed policy of marijuana criminalization, and instead pursue a more sensible path of regulation and legalization.”

“Because Question 1 is a non-binding, legislatively referred ballot question, the New Jersey legislature must now take immediate action to draft and implement enabling legislation in a manner that is in accordance with voters’ sentiments,” said Carly Wolf, NORML’s state policies coordinator.

This is a victory for social justice given that Black residents of New Jersey are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than white residents despite similar usage rates.”

Washington DC decriminalized psychedelic plants

Initiative 81, the Entheogenic Plants and Fungus Policy Act of 2020, makes certain psychedelic drug crimes the “lowest enforcement priority” of the District’s Metropolitan Police Department. Voters passed it 76-23.

Which plants?

  • Ibogaine
  • DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)
  • Mescaline
  • Psilocybin
  • Psilocyn

Florida legalization advocates are breathing easier

It looks like Florida’s Amendment 4, which would have made it much more difficult to legalize adult-use cannabis, went down in defeat.

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Runtz – An elusive strain

runtz strain

This bud is celebrated for its very fruity profile that smells just like a bag of the sugary candy. This pot has resin-drenched buds that range in color from dark purple to light green. Runtz is also known for its smoke that is smooth and welcoming alongside an elevated high that lasts for hours.

What stood out most for me was the excellent sweet aroma. Its like a bag or sugary candy. The crystals and the tight bud formation make it clear you are in for a treat when you first see it up close.

fern budz thumbs up
Insane THC levels!

I tried rolling a doobie with my batch of Runtz but it was a bit too sticky and fresh. It will probably be a little better for js in a couple of weeks. I think you’d be better off using a bong or old school standard regular pipe for this batch of Runtz. I used my Shmokez pipe which was perfect for it. A little goes a long way so the tiny pipe is the perfect match. The only issue was that the beautiful smell of those flowers permeated everywhere when I had the Shmokez pipe in my pocket with its little wooden stash box packed with Runtz! It doesnt seal very well so i smelled pretty weedy walkin’ around. Worth it! 🙂

So I smoked a bowl of Runtz, then did a bong hit too and now I’ve completely forgotten what I was doing…. 😉

Items that go great with Runtz

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Gg4, GDP, Magic Melon, Blue Dream, Chem Dawg

Gg4, GDP, Magic Melon, Blue Dream, Chem Dawg

We’ve been hearing about new stains that are available at many agencies:

Gorilla glue

gorilla glue plant
Gorilla Glue

Glue your butt to your couch, load up a bowl
and the latest season of your favorite cartoon
and veg the hell out.

Its been reported that Gorilla Glue is available at these and other doap independent agencies.

GDP – Grand Daddy Purple

Grand Daddy Purple

What can I say about GDP? You knon her, you love
her. You can get anough of her. Long live the
queen. GDP. I know I know grand daddy but still
long live the queen.

Its been reported that Grand Daddy Purple is available at these and other doap independent agencies.

Magic Melon:

magic melon up close doobie
Magic Melon

“Magic Melon is a tropical fruity sativa from Humboldt
Seed Company. Lime green buds have hints of purple, and
cantaloupe and watermelon aromas finish with gassy notes
when you open the bag.” all I can say is “Yummy”

Its been reported that Magic Melon is available at these and other doap independent agencies.

Blue Dream:

blue dream nuggs
Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, is a legend among West Coast strains. BLue dream is a cross between Blueberry with Haze. This is next level product

Its been reported that Blue Dream is available at these and other doap independent agencies.

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Sunset Sherbet 27 THC Organic Awesome Pot

Sunset Sherbet 27 THC Organic Awesome Pot

Sunset Sherbet is an indica dominant hybrid (85% indica/15% sativa) that is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties. This bud boasts a high thc level and a myriad of mild indica and sativa effects. Sunset Sherbet has an aroma of sweet fruity honey and a taste of fruity yogurt and honey with a sweet earthy aftertaste that intensifies as you exhale. The buds have enormous oversized dense green nugs covered in long orange hairs. The nugs are caked in a thick layer of frosty white hairs and are sticky with delicious resin. The high gives an immediate jolt of uplifted cerebral energy that leaves you social and euphoric accompanied by a full-body relaxing body buzz that leaves you warmed and at ease. The combination of these well-balanced effects will leave you pain free in mind and body as well as having a relaxed carefree attitude. Due to these potent effects, this bud is ideal for treating stress, pain, and depression.