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Kevy Drops are making waves

When my sister started orering these for herself I figured it was time to give em a try. I mean, I’m an old fashioned pothead and love to smoke a joint or a bowl and typically dont stray too far from my regular regulars. But this intrigued me and I gave it a whirl.

I got home from work and right away cracked open that pretty blue bottle of liquid shazam. I dropped 5 drops under my tongue, grabbed a beer and settled into the couch.

Within 5 min i was absolutely noticing the effects of floating in almost a trance like state. I felt my head melting into the pillow and while I was awake I felt like I could have melted into that pillow forever. I consiously kept my eyes closed and just enjoyed the full body high that came on so strong in waves like baths of butter pouring across your body.

Then I guess I fell asleep! Dang thats good stuff!